Single-port cholecystectomy instruments, a change in the standard approach.

Umbiliscopic Cholecystectomy (UC)

We are introducing a new type of approach in surgery for gallbladder removal, along with the launch of new surgical instruments for minimally invasive surgery, providing better cosmetic results than standard laparoscopic surgery.
The minimally invasive surgical kit is made up of the following instruments:

A) Single port. It is a flexible multivalvular access port with four working channels for instruments up to 10 mm each. Each valve has elastic properties allowing for instruments of different sizes to go in. (0 to 20 mm in diameter).

B) Semi-rigid and flexible graspers with positioning memory and re-positioning, maintaining its extreme operational capacity of up to 360 ° rotation.

C) Needle graspers, which use only 1.8 mm surface approach by puncture and thanks to its intraoperative assembly , enable a versatile management with operating handle and extreme operating up to 10 mm with different tips, as required by the surgery.


D) Setup tool, which enables the assembly and disassembly of the Needle grasper providing security and faster response.

E) Articulated Hook (Electro scalpel or cautery), which takes different angles in space, providing greater versatility in the surgical field.

The Kit is completed with standard laparoscopic instrumentation: 10mm and 30 ° Optics , standard clipper, scissors, etc. An experienced surgeon in laparoscopic surgery will quickly learn this new way and will not require large capital expenditures because the same principles that are used today in laparoscopic surgery apply to this approach. This instrument is also compatible for use in NOTES trans-vaginal interventions .

Video of the surgical instruments

Single port cholecystectomy

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